Inspiration to Simplify

The word “Simplify” is like music to my ears. I’ve been intentional about simplifying my life and trust me there are no downsides to it.

Simplify doesn’t just apply to things, it applies even to our calendars, virtual storage spaces, mind and even our inboxes.

Simplification is a process, not something you achieve and forget about. It is an ongoing process, but gets easier along the way.

One thing about simplifying is that there is no one size fits all. So you definitely don’t have to be scared by white spaces, pristine cabinets and pressed white sheets. Your idea of simplicity can be different from mine. The things you don’t need may be the things I need most importantly. Once you get the idea of empty white spaces out of your mind, you can start building up your own style of simple.

As always, the key is to start small. Get inspiration from Youtube, Pinterest and Instagram about ways in which you can simplify. Something about another person’s simplicity process might spark an idea or strike a chord with you. You will soon realize that there is no one form of simple. You can create your own style.

Today I leave you with few people or spaces that are a source of my inspiration to simplicity.

Light and Minimal

The Girl Gone Green

Clutter Bug

The Girl Refined

The post is written on the word prompt provided by Five Minute Friday

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  1. Love this!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

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  2. Julia Putzke says:

    Hi Alice-

    I think simplifying for me this year is pouring into maybe 1-2 in person friendships and allowing myself to be loved. And maybe a few online ones, with continued less time on Instagram. It’s still so overwhelming and the white space is making me have to lean on God a lot. I don’t know why it’s so scary. God is in control. But my heart is still nervous. Visiting from fmf, we’re neighbors. 🙂


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